Starting Life After the Game

LPS Recent Client Benefits

The Main Focus of LPS is assisting former NFL players obtain benefits that are available to help sustain a desirable quality of life.  Some of the available assistance is outlined below.

​​​The Designation Applies to the following Plan(s):

Legacy Pro Sports

CASE 1 - 

5 Year NFL VET 

$11,250 monthly for life - Total and Permanent Benefit

*We were successful at awarding this player Line of duty on the first try, then shortly after we helped him receive the Total and Permanent disability 
CASE 2 - 

10 Year NFL VET

$4,790 monthly for 7.5 years- Line of Duty Benefit

*Player received 3 losses on his own and was granted a win on the first try with our company
CASE 3 - 

11 Year NFL VET

$5,170 monthly for 7.5 years - Line of Duty Benefit
*Assisted this hall of famer on the retrieval of his benefits with only a few months left in his filing period before expiration
  CASE 4 - 

6 Year NFL VET

$3,000 a monthly for 15 years - Neurocognitive Benefit

Millions Rewarded Currently & Growing!

NFL Concussion Settlement 

We are working with over 1000 former NFL players.  Our firm handles all aspects including education on upcoming deadlines, qualification, potential benefits, required paperwork, recommended or required professional services (medical and legal), travel and logistics, etc.

Gene Upshaw Grant

This Grant will pay several months of the former player’s bills.

Some examples include rent/mortgage, utilities, etc. 

The funds are intended to provide immediate assistance when players are faced with unusual financial, medical, or educational challenges that may call for temporary assistance. 

NFL Player Care Grant

This Grant will pay several months of former player’s bills.  Some examples are housing, shelter, transportation, utilities, prescription drugs, medical treatment, and funeral expenses. 

An applicant has to fall within a financial guideline for income within 400% of the National Poverty Level.

Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF)

Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund is an independent 501c3 charitable organization. Gridiron Greats mission is to assist dire need retired NFL players. Potential assistance includes medical assistance, housing assistance, medication costs and coordination of services for food and other day-to-day necessities. Gridiron has strict criteria for their grant process and players are never paid direct

Social Security

LPS will help clients receive Social Security Disability, which in turn will increase a player’s likelihood of receiving other disabilities.  

Line of Duty Disability

LPS will help educate its former players on the NFL’s new point system in order to obtain this benefit.  This benefit will pay players based on the amount of years vested in the NFL for up to 90 months.

Neurocognitive Disability

The neurocognitive disability benefit will pay all players with either a mild or moderate neurocognitive impairment.  This disability will pay a player monthly for 15 years.

Total and Permanent Disability

LPS has the ability to guide their former players and help qualify them in one of four disability categories.  This disability will pay you monthly over your life span.

88 Plan

This plan will pay players diagnosed with ALS, Dementia, and Parkinson’s disease for care taking services.